How to print on freezer paper with a laser or inkjet printer

Are you freezer paper addicted? Yeah, I am too. I use freezer paper ALL the time to stencil on clothing, costumes and all other fabric items. It’s a really simple way to paint designs onto fabric, even if you are far from being an artist. I really love how perfectly crisp and clean the lines […]

How to print on Heat N Bond for fast and easy appliqué!

I love embellishing clothing and other fabric items. And one of the ways I love the most is with appliqué. I’ve written a lot about how to machine appliqué, including a trick to appliqué perfectly on stretchy fabric. I sometimes freehand draw my designs, but usually I either copy them from images found on Google […]

Making Good: Creative patches for jeans

In January I participated in Green Issues by Agy’s blog train “I didn’t throw it away,” which was all about why you keep certain items for decades. It was really interesting to read what was important to the participants and most of us tended to keep things embedded with emotional value. So I was really […]

How to applique a t shirt to cover logos

My last lesson for the Learn to Sew series was about how to machine appliqué. Normally I publish a practical tutorial for each technique in the series a few days after the lesson, but life got in the way and almost a month went by. Whoops! In the lesson, I showed you how to use […]

How to Applique (with a sewing machine)

Today, as part of the Learn to Machine Sew series, I’m going to finally show you all how to do one of my very favorite sewing techniques: appliqué! This is so fun and easy to do, you will soon be embellishing everything you can get your hands on! There is a LOT to learn about […]

How to embellish with slashed t-shirt reverse applique

Working with t-shirts is so much fun. They don’t ravel and, depending on the fabric content, the edges roll up, which can be interesting for your projects. In the summer you can see loads ladies walking around with slashed t-shirts, with the strands of fabric rolling into something like cords. But two or three years […]

How to cover up logos on clothes with applique stripes

It’s that time of the year again. You know, when your Facebook feed is full of first day of school pictures? Yes, back to school! Where we live, kids up through 5th grade have to wear these hideous smocks, but in the hotter months they’re allowed to wear a white t-shirt. I, of course, find […]

Layered reverse applique t-shirts: covering stains

A while back I saw this awesome layered t-shirt. I really like layering a long-sleeved t-shirt under a short-sleeved one, but what I really loved about this project is how it covered up little holes in the short-sleeved t-shirt with reverse appliqué. While I just love regular appliqué, sewing a fabric shape on top of […]

Tutorial: Applique to cover rips in clothes

Last July the daughter of a good friend of ours was getting ready to head to the Galapagos (lucky thing, her!). While her mother was ironing her things for the trip she accidentally melted a bit of her versatile polyester pants which were going to be indispensable during the trip. So she brought the pants […]

Add a name tag to a backpack (or other bag)

Yesterday my little 2 year, 8 month old boy had his first day of public nursery school. And two days before that, I suddenly remembered that he needed a little backpack for school. I didn’t want to buy another because we already have gazillions of little bags and backpacks at home, except it turns out […]

Jeans + red wine

happy 2013! i decided to start off the new year with one of my favorite recente projects. flying back from boston last summer, my little charmer sent my dinner tray, complete with red wine, flying in the air (and all over me and our seats) not once, but twice. this very thoughtful gesture on his […]

Not-So-White T Shirts

when it’s not too cool/cold out, the kids at our town’s nursery and elementary schools can wear a white t-shirt instead of a school smock. this makes me very happy, because i really don’t like the smocks very much and then we only have two of them, so if i can’t wash them right away, […]

Stain-covering ruffles

i can’t believe it…i’d almost finished translating this long post, which i’d spent quite a bit of time on…and firefox went nuts and i lost it. i’m trying to suppress all the swearing i’d like to do (mostly because i’m nursing my little guy as i type this) and am re-doing it, but with much […]

Transfer drawings to t shirts with freezer paper

I just can’t handle a plain garment. And I REALLY can’t handle a plain T-shirt. And this is one of the reasons why I do freezer paper stenciling so often. What’s another reason? It’s SO EASY. It’s SO FUN. It’s SO ADDICTIVE. (Are those enough reasons?!) Back in 2010 I wrote a tutorial on how […]


I had some things I wanted to spice up a tiny bit so I decided to add some patches. Here we have a nice Hello Kitty (my daughter’s most recent passion) and a dinosaur. Nothing special. Then I saw this post on how to make your own fabric patches/appliques and I decided to try it. […]

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