“I didn’t throw it away” blog train

Do you know Agy, the wonderful eco-conscious creator behind Green Issues by Agy? I love the twist she puts on her sewing and other crafty projects. This December and January she has been trying to get behind the reasons why people hang on to certain material objects for many, many years despite our living in […]

Green Cat, eco-friendly cat litter that works: a review

The following is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are fully mine. I’ve always had at least one cat at a time since I was little, but most of the time they were outside and didn’t really use much cat litter. For the past six years, though, we’ve been living in a 4th floor […]

living in 5 with 5 euros per day

no, i’m not talking about myself, but the book by stefania rossini, aka stefy of naturalmente stefy. i had the pleasure of meeting her virtually a couple of months ago and i was immediately drawn to her book, which is about degrowth and how to live without the obsession of having to buy a lot […]

Ecological Creativity from Elisa Nicoli

when elisa nicoli let me know that one of her books could be of interest to me, i immediately went looking for it and found that there are also two other of her books (published by altreconomia) that also look very interesting. she proposed a swap and so for a baggie of my tile-dominoes, she […]

Vinegar and baking soda

i’ve been reading recently about ways to clean the house and do lots of other things without using cleaning products from the supermarket, full of chemical ingredients with names i can’t pronounce. my mother has always remedied a blocked sink drain with baking soda, vinegar and hot water, but i didn’t know that vinegar removes […]

Ecological Internet surfing: Ecosia

i’d never thought about polluting with internet or search engines. then i saw one of my facebook friends had posted a link to ecosia. every search made on this search engine saves about 2 square meters of rainforest. how does it work? i’ll let them tell you about it directly: We earn money from clicks […]

Blog action day: hanging out the laundry

quite often i catch myself complaining about this or that in everyday Italian life. why is it so hard to get things done?! why is everyone so closed to new and “different” ideas?! etc etc. but then every so often there are those moments that i think, thank goodness i live in this country and […]

International day without plastic bags

Anyone who knows me even a bit knows that one thing I hate are plastic bags. If a person reuses them, for example to make a lamp, that’s great, but we all know that way too many plastic bags get loose, harming the environment and animals. Last month we spent a week in Taganga, on […]

Paper or plastic?

I recently read an article on change.org about what type of bag you should choose at the supermarket. The author, however, write that it isn’t as important what type of bag you use as what’s INSIDE the bag. Condiser a bag full of meat, potatoes, tropical fruit and soda and another bag with a vegetarian […]

Kitties on potties: CitiKitty review

Today we finally started organizing our “box,” our storage area on the ground floor of our building, where we’d dumped so much stuff that we couldn’t even walk in it anymore. And we found lots of fun stuff we’d forgotten about. Such as the tray I used when I tried to potty train my cat. […]

Eco-washing: a review of Ecoballs and Magnoball

Let’s talk about washing detergent. I’m always excited to find any sort of ecological alternative. I use hardly any disposable products and our cabinets and drawers are full of lovely washable cloth stuff: napkins, hankies, menstrual pads, diapers, wipes, shopping bags, etc. No matter how happy I am to be throwing out (and buying) so […]

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