Health update and how the menstrual cup helped

This was the view outside the balcony where I spent four nights a couple of weeks ago. Pretty, right? The bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius, the classic Mediterranean pine tree. Except I didn’t really get to enjoy it very much because I spent most of the time laying in my hospital bed. Yep. You may […]

Make your own Natural Homemade Tooth Powder: 3 recipes

A couple of years ago I started getting really interested in making my own body products so as to avoid chemicals, reduce packaging and save money. I stopped posting on my experiments because I honestly got a little stuck on a deodorant and shampoo that worked for me in the long run. But I have […]

All Natural Chicken Pox Itching Relief

I have not had much of a chance to write much the past few weeks for various reasons, such as my mother visiting and repairmen in and out for various broken appliances and whatnot. But also the fact that we’ve gone through two bouts of chicken pox lasting the past three weeks: first with little […]

Homemade soap

Who doesn’t feel pampered washing themselves with scented and colorful soaps? And, even better, handmade ones? Homemade soap is more natural than industrial soap, and then you also know exactly what’s in it and you can fiddle around with the ingredients to create certain characteristics. It seems that it isn’t even particularly difficult to make […]

DIY bath cuddles

as always, this past year i tried to make as many christmas gifts as possible. i made these knitted necklaces for a few people and gave them along with bags of homemade bath products. first of all, i made these “magic snowballs” for the bath. i’d seen this recipe long ago and finally made them […]

Toothpaste: orange update

remember the fabulous homemade toothpaste i wrote about a couple of months ago? (as part of my ongoing obsession for truly natural products) when i wrote that post, i was the only one in our household to use those toothpastes. and now? both my husband and my daughter have converted with much pleasure! i first […]

Natural skin moisturizing

i’ve finally come back to my recipes for homemade body products! after the toothpaste, i hadn’t written anymore partially because i was still doing some experimentation, but mostly because it takes more time and energy to write a post like this. so, today let’s talk about how to moisturize your skin without slathering it with […]

Homemade toothpaste: two recipes

and here is the first episode of homemade body product recipes. i’m starting with toothpaste because i was so happy with more than one recipe right from the start. but first…why not use regular store-bought toothpaste? first off, if you haven’t already done so, read this post on the ingredients in industrial body care products. […]

Homemade and natural body products

i’ve been very interested in body products for the past few months. interested in what is really in industrial ones. and how to take care of my body without all those nasty ingredients. let’s start at the beginning. we all buy loads of products to wash ourselves, take care of our health and make us […]

Vinegar and baking soda

i’ve been reading recently about ways to clean the house and do lots of other things without using cleaning products from the supermarket, full of chemical ingredients with names i can’t pronounce. my mother has always remedied a blocked sink drain with baking soda, vinegar and hot water, but i didn’t know that vinegar removes […]

Cucicucicoo washable cloth products

All of the products for sale are 100% handmade by yours truly in my home. they have all been tested and perfected and we happily use them in our own household. I would never sell anything that i wouldn’t use myself. Cucicucicoo products are currently for sale in my online shop at Etsy. I can […]

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