Eco Sponges

i consider myself a pretty ecological person that uses pretty much everything re-usable instead of disposable as possible. but every so often i find some new idea. that’s how it was when i read about sibia’s recycled sponges. she made rectangles/squares with two layers of felted wool sweaters (for washing dishes) or of recuperated bath […]

Bilingual placemats

i’m not really sure why i love placemats so much. but i do and i’d already made them as wedding gifts for two different friends. last month a good friend of mine from the states married her guatemalan partner. they still aren’t really sure where they’ll be living, so i wanted to make them something […]

Let’s get organized!

i’m sure a lot of people are pretty shocked when they walk in our home for the first time. besides the drawings on the walls, the cat hair on the couch and the odd paintings hanging up, there’s massive chaos. generally there are piles of papers, toys, books and everything else imaginable covering every centimeter […]

$1000 upcycled tie pillow

what should you do when you have bunches of neckties that you don’t need anymore? well, there are loads of ideas online, but the real question is: what did i do with them? pillow covers, obviously! this actually wasn’t my idea, nor was it my decision to do it. when my little guy was born, […]

Laundry bags from pillowcases

perfect line drying weather has officially arrived (gads, how hot and how sunny it is!), so i decided to finally post this project. a while back i saw this tutorial by in color order to make drawstring laundry bags from pillowcases. it seemed like a great idea because my laundry hamper is always overflowing and […]

Catty neck pillow

i’d considered calling this post “anti-ikea” because it is a result of my refusing to buy a cheap object for my little girl just out of pure stubborness. and why? because it was something i could make myself the way i wanted to. and i did make it my way, putting in way more time […]

How to fix an inflatable pouf

what can you do with a bunch of junk? such as: two destroyed bathroom rugs 5 bags full of fabric scraps and two popped inflatable poufs (do you know what those are? i’d never heard the term used before in english, but it seems to be legit. if you don’t know, look at #4 here.) […]

100% upcycled rugs

i don’t know about you, but we get our bathrugs filthy constantly. the ones that i’d gotten at the market a while back were falling apart (and i never could stand them in the first place) so all i had left was the rug i knitted out of 13 old t-shirts. so i finally managed […]

Foam puzzle rugs, part III

a while back, i wrote about how i transformed a little foam alphabet puzzle into stamps and a bulletin board. the reason was that apparently that type of plastic contains substances which are hazardous to your health. i don’t know if it’s really true or not, because i keep seeing these puzzles for sale in […]

100% upcycled pot

first of all, i’d like to thank all the italians who voted in the referendum. i’m so happy with the result! i don’t know about you, but i always need more plant pots. i feel like i’m constantly buying new ones. so i decided to make one with a tin can and a sock. yes! […]

Decorated and renewed chair

one day last summer i walked into my daughter’s room to find her and her cousin busy coloring every inch of one of her chairs (these ones from ikea that they used to sell with this) with crayons. i stood there a moment with my jaw dropped, but then i remembered our motto, “it’s hers […]

Placemats for weddings 1 and 2

last summer two of my friends got married and i decided to make each of them placemats, cloth napkins and chalkcloth coasters. i started with chiara’s. except…it was really damn hat and humid, i was pregnant and was having issues not only with low blood pressure but also my sewing machine. the edges of the […]

Kids’ DIY gifts: portrait bookmarks

when i saw this project in the book handmade home by amanda blake soule, i knew i needed to do it with my little girl for gifts. they are bookmarks made with scraps of fabric. the child draws the recipient’s portrait and the adult embroiders over that and then sews it together. here you can […]

100% recycled containers from old sheets

i had some very used and loved bedsheets (we’re talking decades of continuous use by my siblings and me) with peanuts vignettes on them which i have always loved. except that the fitted bottom sheet was very worn out in the center and was a little too small to fit around my daughter’s mattress. so […]

Recycled shirt bath mat: tutorial

on monday i wrote about how to make yarn out of old t-shirts. but i didn’t want to reveal what i made with this special yarn until i was done. yesterday i finished it. what is it? a rug for the bathroom! i’d wanted to make a bathrug for a while because the two we […]

How to make baskets from recycled paper

**TUTORIAL UPDATE** I’ve created a new version of the woven cereal box basket, giving more detailed instructions and including more pictures to better explain each step. You can find the new tutorial here! ——————————————— a year ago i saw this post on pane, amore e creatività on how to make a basket out of woven […]

How to sew corners on a bed sheet: Tutorial

we were quite lucky because we’re full of bed sheets that were barely used by my husband’s family. the annoying thing? they’re all flat sheets, and not one fitted one. i really can’t stand having to fold the edges of a flat sheet under the mattress when i’m making the bed. i always end up […]

From puzzle mat to bulletin board

last week i made stamps from the letters from one of those little foam letter puzzles and i wondered how to use up the remaining foam pieces. i got some good ideas from my readers, but in the end i made a little “cork” board for my daughter, completely from upcycled materials, obviously! i put […]

DIY coat rack with knobs

i’ve had this pair of cute knobs for 3 years and i always knew that i wanted to make my daughter a little coat rack with them, but seeing as i’m a bit useless with a saw, i kept on putting it off…and off…and off…and finally this week i made it! despite my fears of […]

Clothespin apron

it looks as if spring is just starting here in southern italy…yah! i just love the sun and the arrival of my favorite season makes me feel great. i spent a lot of time this past sunny weekend out on the balcony with my hands covered with potting soil and hanging out lots of laundry. […]

Picture frame from a broken toy

last summer while fishing around in my nephew’s toys, my daughter found one of those magnetic doodler things. the part that goes up and down to erase the picture was blocked. i managed to unblock it so it could be used again, so my nephew gave it to us. then, a few weeks later, it […]

100% recycled pillow

these days all my energy has been going into the birth of my business with my cloth products. it’s a lot of work and a lot of thought. i haven’t slept decently in 3 or 4 nights thanks to bizarre dreams about sewing cloth diapers. and i realized that i needed to step away a […]

And from undies to…

God knows what in the world I was thinking when I bought these pairs of underwear a couple of years ago. Apparently I was under the delusion that my behind had miraculously gone back to what it had been maybe when I was 18, a most improbable possibility. And I obviously couldn’t wear them more […]

Make your own potholders – Tutorial

This week it was pretty much impossible for me to do anything fun or blog thanks to the flu and lots of work. This morning, though, I brought my daughter to school and I got off to “work.” Our potholders were in pretty pitiful shape, except for a gloved one and some bigger ones. But […]

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