New pattern! Field of Flowers costume for kids & adults

I’m super excited to announce that my first costume pattern is ready for the world! Come meet the Field of Flowers costume for both kids AND adults! Back in 2008, when my daughter was two years old, my husband had the idea to dress her up for Carnival as a bunch of flowers or some […]

10 Reasons to make your own costume

The one question that I get asked in every interview I’ve ever had is what or who my creative inspirations are. I usually give a different answer every time because I am inspired by so many people, places and things. But my first creatively inspirational input was without question my mother. (Hi, Mom!) As a […]

A little Halloween story

So Halloween 2014 has come and gone. Halloween is a pretty recent import in Italy, where I live, so it’s much less of a big deal than it is in the States. Here some kids (but definitely not all) dress up as a witch (girls) or a vampire, wizard, pumpkin or ghost (boys). And that’s […]

Despicable Me costumes: make a DIY Stuart Minion costume

A few days have gone by since Carnival and I’m only now publishing the tutorial for Nicky’s costume going along with this year’s theme of Despicable Me 2: the Minion Stuart. Sofia and I thought that he should be Dave because of his fantasy with the agent Lucy Wilde (Sofia’s costume), but he had his […]

Carnevale 2014: Despicable Me 2 Carnival costumes

Here we are on the day of Carnival, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras… and it’s raining. Doh! So now celebrating in the streets with the wonderful festivities planned in many towns in the area for us. Some of the celebrations have a rain date, so hopefully at some point soon we can make up for it. […]

Despicable Me costumes: Lucy Wilde’s scarf and coat

Back to our Carnival costumes! To recap, my kids are dressing up as Despicable Me characters and I’ve already written about the wig and accessories of Agent Lucy Wilde. But the costume is just not complete without her scarf and, even more importantly, her turquoise coat. What do you say? Is there a resemblance? (Ok, […]

Despicable Me costumes: Lucy Wilde’s wig and accessories

Oh yes, my kids just love Despicable Me. (Evidence of this can be seen here, here and here.) And yes, this year my kids are dressing up as Despicable Me characters for Carnival. And yes, I’m making the costumes. Sofia decided to be AVL agent Lucy Wilde. Want to know how to make a fantastic […]

Super easy witch cape

if you’re anything like me, you might’ve procratinated a bit for halloween. my daughter was invited to a halloween party for the first time this year (where we live it’s not really celebrated). she already had a witch hat, but it really needed something more. so i decided to make her a witch cape. it’s […]

carnevale 2012

despite the fact that i finished the carnival costumes 2 days early, i am only now managing to post the pictures 2 days after the actual day of carnival! my excuse: a very tiring carnival celebration and a little boy with a bad cold and fever (and teeth that are just waiting to pop out). […]

Tutu and wings

i’m really really proud of myself…i made my kids’ carnival costumes myself and i finished them a whole TWO days before my daughter’s school party! i finished them so early that i decided to make a copy of two parts of my daughter’s costume as a gift for her friend’s birthday. i’ll publish the costumes […]

A field of flowers

we started talking about carnival a month ago. first my little girl wanted to be a princess, then a fairy, then hello kitty. but in the end i got a nasty tummy bug that kept me out of action for most of this past week…the week that i’d planned on making her costume. luckily, i […]

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