DIY Paper Poinsettias from Upcycled Egg Cartons

When my daughter’s teacher invited me to come into the class to make crafts with the kids that could be sold at the school’s charity Christmas market (a couple of years ago I did the same thing with these yarn Hopi Eye ornaments), I was thrilled to find out that this year’s theme was “recycling”—my […]

Easy DIY Gift Bags with boxed corners

Remember when I said that we would use our practice pieces from the boxed corners lesson earlier this week for something useful for Christmas? I guess it wasn’t particularly difficult to figure out what I was getting at: DIY gift bags! I have come to really hate disposable gift wrapping, so I am trying to […]

Happy Holidays from Cucicucicoo (and the Minions!!)

My kids and their cousin are totally obsessed with Minions. We let our kids (and guests) draw on the walls. The natural result? Lots of pictures of Minions on our walls. (Some of which resemble my little guy when he’s angry, according to the writing, although apparently the author changed his mind and crossed it […]

Tutorial: How to make gift bags from cereal boxes

Panic time! If you’re anything like me, you have a last few gifts hanging around waiting to be wrapped (or perhaps all of them), so today I want to show you the last idea for this season of my eco-friendly gift wrapping guide. This one is really super fast to whip up and you can […]

Cereal Box Gift Boxes with Produce Net Bag Bows

I just love cereal boxes. We always have loads of them and I use them for everything. I glue small pattern pieces onto them for stability. I use them as a backing for product tags. I’ve started making shipping envelopes out of them to send things in (I’ll get around to writing about that one […]

Pine Cone Christmas Trees: a tutorial for kids

A couple of weeks ago I published a tutorial for a children’s activity, making woven Hopi Eye Christmas ornaments, for the advent calendar countdown at the blog Creare per r’ESISTERE (in Italian, while the English version can be found here on Elisabetta asked me to contribute a second tutorial, so I proposed this project […]

Tutorial: Reusable fabric gift bags from freebie bags

Welcome back to my eco gift wrapping guide! Today’s tutorial requires a tiny bit more effort to make than the other projects in this series (though being far from difficult) but is probably the easiest one to use afterwards, and will definitely be used many times. Simple drawstring bags make incredibly convenient gift wrapping; you […]

Furoshiki: Japanese reusable fabric gift wrap

For part two of my Ecological Gift Wrapping series, something I’d been wanting to try for years (I first mentioned it here): Furoshiki. This Japanese technique is basically a form of reusable fabric gift wrap. Wrap a square piece of fabric around an object, either to carry it or to just make it look pretty […]

Tutorial: Make recycled gift tags from old cards

Welcome to the first installment of my Eco Gift Wrapping Guide! In my introduction to this series I mentioned my thrifty mother and how she would get the most out of any wrapping paper or materials that came her way. But her wrapped packages didn’t look as if they were from reused materials; they were […]

Ecological Gift Wrapping Guide: reusable gift wrap ideas

When I was a little girl, I loved getting gifts on Christmas, my birthday, or any other occasion. But I hated how my thrifty mother would insist I be careful not to wrip the wrapping paper so that she could reuse it. I always felt mortified as she picked all the pieces of paper and […]

Woven Hopi Eye Yarn Christmas Ornaments – for kids!

Did you see the project I did with my daughter’s 2nd grade class the other day? They just loved weaving these Hopi Eye yarn Christmas ornaments, even when they didn’t come out exactly as planned. But who cares? They were all beautiful in their own way and the kids were so satisfied with themselves. This […]

Last minute befana solution

in campania, the region of italy where we live, a witch called la befana comes the night before epiphany and leaves candy and gifts for kids. these days everyone just buys those prepackaged stockings in the supermarket. within our own family we use the christmas stockings that i made (which you can see here and […]

advent calendar countdown: dec 20 -24

i already wrote last time that it’s been exhausting doing some sort of interesting activity every day with my daughter, take pictures and blog it. so these last few days were considerably more lazy! except december 20th, when my little girl started learning how to tie her shoes with a board with shoelaces! i saw […]

advent calendar countdown: december 17-19 (play!)

i’ll admit it… it’s really tiring doing a new activity every day (and blogging them all). even my little girl sometimes would rather just play on her own or watch tv instead of putting in the energy after school and swim lessons to do some activity. so these have been much calmer advent days. december […]

advent calendar countdown: dec 11, 13, 14 (be artists!)

my daughter loves being an artist, so we frequently do projects to stimulate her artistic creativity. her advent calendar activity on december 11th was to make little books out of a single sheet of white paper. it’s really easy to fold and cut paper to create a book. december 13: we just love stamps, so […]

advent calendar countdown: dec 6, 15, 16 (eat it again!)

bet that caught your attention, huh? this is the dessert that we were going to do december 6th for the advent calendar, but we weren’t able to do it. you can find the recipe here. below is before i let them set in the freezer (i did it like that because i didn’t want to […]

advent calendar countdown: dec. 9 – 10 (decorate it!)

i’m not crazy about christmas decorations, but in our home there are four types of them, two of which you’ve already seen (the advent calendar and the christmas tree). my daughter loves putting these decorations up, so all four became advent calendar activities this year. so the other two? december 9: the nativity scene. naples […]

advent calendar countdown: december 12 (tree it!)

before starting: i am still speechless over what happened yesterday in Newtown. it brought tears to my eyes and a great pain to my heart. if you are concerned about just how easy it is to obtain a gun, consider signing this white house petition to address gun control. yeah, i know that i’m not […]

advent calendar countdown: december 6 – 8 (eat it!)

i proposed yummy activities for these three days of activities. on december 6, i proposed making these chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallow cookies that you don’t bake. except it was a pretty busy day and in the end we didn’t get around to it. but i hope to find the time in the next few […]

advent countdown: december 4-5 (lamination!)

…??? this is what my daughter found in her advent calendar yesterday morning. do you have any idea what it means? you’ll have to keep on reading to find out. but first, i have something to tell you: my sister sometimes seems to think that i’m a trash can. (yes, i’m talking about you, dear […]

advent countdown: december 1-3

and here we are with the countdown! if you follow me on facebook, you might have already seen the first days of my advent calendar countdown with activities to do with kids. unfortunately i just can’t manage to post here on the blog every day, but i’ll do the best i can! here’s what we […]

advent calendar countdown!

and here we are again, nearly the beginning of december, otherwise known as 24 days of trying to think of something nifty to put inside the advent calendar every day! a lot of bloggers talk about this and wonder what to put inside it. this year i want to avoid putting in candy (as if […]

Merry Christmas…a bit late

yes, i realize that once again i’ve been a bit absent from the blog. i just started a new job a few weeks ago and it’s eating up even more time than i have available in the first place. i’m still trying to find a balance to do the most possible of what i have […]

December 1st…break out those advent calendars!

yesterday i took the advent calendar that i made last year out from storage and my daughter put all the gift-holding ornaments on it. we made these ornaments mostly from the plastic containers inside kinder eggs. she was thrilled to see all the eggs again and she sat there forever to decorate and re-decorate the […]

Christmas already?!

yep, i’m already thinking about christmas. i generally start thinking about gifts around december 20th, but not this year! seeing as my munchkin should in theory make his debut december 30th, i’d rather get everything taken care of earlier for once. i knit this necklace with cotton yarn and beads pretty quickly. i found the […]

Happy holidays! Befana stockings

best wishes to all of you out there! as anyone at all catholic (or living in a catholic community) knows, today is epiphany. i know i missed sending out new year’s wishes, but i hadn’t been able to write anything because i had tracheitis, which caused me to get a fever 4 times in less […]

Merry christmas with a 100% upcycled advent calendar

happy holidays to all of you out there! i’ve been wanting to write about my advent calendar for the past few weeks or so, but i never had the time and now it’s a bit late, but i guess it’s always an idea for next year! this year i saw a lot of ideas for […]

DIY Christmas stockings

one of the nice things about having two cultures in one house is that you celebrate a lot more often. not only are there different holidays to celebrate, but the ones in common are often celebrated in different ways. for example, christmas. in the USA, kids leave a glass of milk and a plate of […]

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