Crochet Reusable Water Balloons – Summer Fun with No Mess!

Earlier this year, I saw the coolest thing on Pinterest. I wanted so badly to try it out. I was so curious and I knew my kids would love it. Because who in the world wouldn’t want to try their hand at DIY crochet reusable water balloons?! Only thing was, it was the very beginning […]

Healthy Sugar-Free Lemonade Recipe

There’s no denying it: summer is suddenly here! Our family is doing everything we can to stay cool. The kids have started using the bathtub as a swimming pool, our ice cream machine* is back in business, we’ve been making all sorts of homemade popsicles, and we’ve been doing everything else that I’ve written about […]

How to make striped popsicles (and fruit popsicles)

Last week, as part of the Beat the summer heat series, I started talking about one of our favorite – and most delicious – ways to cool off during the summer: making homemade popsicles! The wonderful thing is that you can make them just as healthy as you want, so when your kids ask to […]

How to make healthy DIY popsicles

In last week’s post on refreshing activities to do with kids inside the house in the summer, part of the Beating the Summer Heat series, I mentioned that I had another fun activity to do with kids. But even more fun is when you EAT it with kids. I’m talking about no-guilt, ice cold, healthy […]

Refreshing summer activities for kids in the house

Hello, all! I just got back home a few days ago from a 3-week trip to the States to visit family and friends. We had a great time, which is why- despite my best intentions- I didn’t do ANY of the blogging or pattern or shop work that I’d planned on. Whoops! But I really […]

How to make homemade iced tea (sun-brewed or boiled!)

Today, for the first post in the Beating the Summer Heat series, I want to share one of my absolute favorite things to drink when it’s hot out: iced tea! Have you ever had real iced tea? I mean the real stuff that’s actually brewed from tea leaves, not that glucose-y industrial stuff with fake […]

How to beat the summer heat!

I love the summer and I love hot weather… but I hate humidity. I hate sticky skin that mosquitos get stuck on. I hate that sluggish feeling that doesn’t let you do anything. I hate air conditioning. And there’s nothing I hate more than being stuck at home when it’s hot out. I figure I’m […]

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