How to grow basil year after year (without spending!)

I live in Italy, and everyone knows how much Italians love their basil. Even in the families with the worse black thumb imaginable, there is at least one pot of basil sitting on a balcony or windowsill. It gets thrown on top of plates of steaming spaghetti, made into pesto (check out my foolproof recipe […]

How to grow an avocado plant from a pit

My kids and I love growing plants from seeds we’ve collected and cuttings. And every so often we try to grown some plant or other from our vegetables. But alas, this usually fails. My pineapple plant rotted away before it became anything, carrots never sprouted and I’ve thrown out loads of avocado pits that just […]

Make homemade nettle powder from your weeds

For the first time in my life, I am on a diet. When I was little, I was super thin, and as a young adult, I could eat anything and never gain weight. But not all of my pregnancy weight went away on its own, and I am now 8.5 kg (18 lbs) heavier than […]

DIY Flower pots from tin cans

A wonderful thing about summer is being able to spend time gardening gorgeous flowers, delicious veggies and flavorful herbs. Well, at least you can if you have a garden! For those of us who live in an apartment, a few pots on the balcony and in the home have to suffice. Today’s guest poster for […]

Balcony Foraging – How to eat your weeds!

On Sunday a friend took us on a quick trip to her family’s olive grove to go foraging for St. John’s Wort. (You might have seen the picture on Instagram.) She dries this wild flower for making herbal infusions to drink and for making infused oil. St. John’s Wort oil did a fantastic job taking […]

More upcycled pots

isn’t this a nice picture? (it’s among my photo-enigmas on my facebook page.) it’s hard to imagine that not even 3 months ago it looked like this: here’s the story. mid-january, while taking a walk along miseno beach, near naples, and looking for shells, we found this nice piece of worn tile. on the back […]

100% upcycled pot

first of all, i’d like to thank all the italians who voted in the referendum. i’m so happy with the result! i don’t know about you, but i always need more plant pots. i feel like i’m constantly buying new ones. so i decided to make one with a tin can and a sock. yes! […]


apparently, i’m not the only ecological preacher out there! the beach we went to in colombia this past summer was full of trees with inspirational messages on them. i got such a kick out of them! here it says “la idea no es limpiar mas, si no ensuciar menos,” or rather “the idea isn’t to […]

Plants, wonderful plants!

Macchia, our poor cat stuck in the house since we moved into this apartment without a yard or garden, is super happy to once again have a little fresh cat grass. As soon as I took it out, she can running to munch on it. I love plants though I must admit that I’m not […]

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