Super Bib Pattern Pack – testers’ versions!

Last week I released my latest sewing pattern, the Super Bib Pack, which has all sorts of styles, sizes, variations and sewing options, meaning that there are dozens of ways to personalize your bibs and burp cloths! Just to give you an idea of some possibilities, let me show you some examples of what my […]

Health update and how the menstrual cup helped

This was the view outside the balcony where I spent four nights a couple of weeks ago. Pretty, right? The bay of Naples, Mount Vesuvius, the classic Mediterranean pine tree. Except I didn’t really get to enjoy it very much because I spent most of the time laying in my hospital bed. Yep. You may […]

Kreativ and Eppela supporters

Thank you everyone for your moral and financial support in getting Sandra and me to the Kreativ fair in Bozano this past weekend! It was a really interesting experience, although I unfortunately ended up getting some sort of stomach bug or something, which was exacerbated by the sheer exhaustion of weeks (months…) of intensive preparation, […]

Support Sustainable Sewing!

Good morning, everyone! As you’ve probably already noticed if you’ve followed me at all, I truly love sewing and teaching others how to in my tutorials and my free Learn to Machine Sew beginner’s course. I know that my lessons and tutorials help a lot of people learn the techniques they need to sew garments […]

Pattern news and Verona Tessile competition

Yes, I’ve been missing more than usual from this dear-to-me blog but, as I’ve already briefly explained on Facebook, it’s because I’ve been working on some pretty cool things. And what will be the most interesting to you is that one of these pretty cool things is a pretty cool sewing pattern that I’ll be […]

Testers, affiliate links and other news at Cucicucicoo

Hello there! I’ve been a bit less active on the blog these days but actually more active behind the scenes. I wanted to give you guys a little heads up about some new things going on here at Cucicucicoo. First off, as you may have noticed in the title of this post, I will soon […]

A tour of the new Cucicucicoo

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! It has taken me the time from one American holiday to another four months later to get around to giving you all a virtual tour of my blog on its new platform. On July 4th, I posted my first (very quick) post on But I still had to get the design […]

Back home

Yes, I’ve been away for a while. We went on vacation to Sardinia for three weeks. I prepared lots of images so I could post in my absence. Except I forgot to load them onto my pen drive. But honestly? I’m not sure how I could’ve written much while we were spending all our time […]

Welcome to!

Yes, you are in the right place! This is my new website and my old blogspot blog is now being redirected here. However I still have a lot of work to do with the layout, so just be patient and I will eventually have lots of cool new stuff headed your way!

Cicciluzz’, Haircut, Birthday, Instagram

We made a new friend on June 1st. We found him on the street near our home. Knowing it wouldn’t have survived long there, we picked it up and brought it home, asking my father-in-law for help, seeing as he’s saved more than one sparrow in the past. Here he’s eating some jam, but then […]

interview at “il caffè delle mamme”

the very sweet francesca from il caffè delle mamme proposed me to do an interview for her column “progetti di mamme” (mothers’ projects) and published it yeterday afternoon! go take a look! i’m really happy with it! it is in italian, but i will translate it here: tell us a little about who lisa is, […]

Meeting up with Ork’Idea and Arteteca

the first week of 2012 has a nice surprise for me…i had the opportunity to meet cristina from ork’idea atelier and rachele from arteteca, two italian bloggers that i just love for their creative use of recuperated materials. what can i say…it was so cool to be able to meet them in person and get […]

Works in progress…or rather, abandoned

our digital camera broke a couple of weeks ago. we brought it to get fixed and when it finally was ready, we discovered that whoever fixed the lens apparently broke another part while doing it. i brought it back to re-fix it and they tried to convince me that it wasn’t actually broken. we do […]

Diary of the first year

my mother has always cut out magazine and newspaper articles that she thinks i would find interesting. once she thought of me reading an article about the actress jenna fiscer in oprah winfrey’s magazine, “O,” from may 2007. she circled a part about when the adolescent jenna found an old diary calendar from the year […]

Back to school and life

i don’t even want to think about how much time has gone by. i thought that i’d gotten past the hardest time at home with the kids, but apparently i was wrong. i really missed the blog, but i just didn’t have time for it. so i’ve decided to go back to it, but just […]

A wonderful Christmas gift!

i know that i’ve been completely absent from my and everyone else’s blogs, but i have a good excuse… our christmas present arrived on december 22! i’d been very busy what with preparing for his arrival and christmas (and very tired) and now i don’t even have the time to get dressed before it’s time […]

Cucicucicoo is closing…SALE! 15% off!!!

my due date is getting closer and closer (just 3 weeks more!) and, after having thought long and hard about it, i’ve decided to close my online store december 20th (or earlier if the little guy decides to make an early appearance) and to take a little (or perhaps permanent) break from selling. and so… […]


there are so many great things about living in a place far from where you’re from. you constantly learn, open up and grow. but there are also great difficulties, the biggest of which is the distance from your family and dearest friends. i’ve missed out on loads of those important moments in the lives of […]

The wonder of being a mamma

i’m going through a rough spot with my daughter. she’s going through yet another very disobedient phase and is acting very strangely in general. i’m starting to lose it with the situation and to doubt my parenting capabilities, but then one of those moments comes along that just makes my heart burst with an immense […]

Cucicucicoo goes to Rome!

this weekend i’ll be participating in a national demonstration of “genuino clandestino” in rome. groups of farmers and artisans from all over italy will get together to renounce the laws favoring large industries and making it impossible for small producers to get by. saturday, after the terraTERRA market, there will be a national assembly of […]

Ragnatela self-production: march 2010

and here we go again for another round of ragnatela (spiderweb), the market of self-production! sunday 7 march 2010 from 10 am til sundown at the social center “la salette,” via romolo e remo 45, soccavo (naples). besides the market of handmade products and organic foods, there will be activities for children, taste testing, films, […]

And the winners are….!

i ended my first blog candy this morning. i’m very very happy with the success that it had… in the past three weeks 77 different people (bloggers and non) entered! so, using the point system (each person could enter up to three times), there were exactly 150 entries!! i made a numbered list of the […]

Candy extension and market

when i started up my blog candy 3 weeks ago, i set the end of today as the deadline. i’ve decided to extend it by one day because tomorrow, 7 february, i will be participating in “the fair of imaginary solutions” ragnatela*clandestina from morning til night. so not only will i not have time to […]

Blog candy participants

wow! i’m pretty psyched to see how many nice people have commented and entered my first giveaway! i’ve decided to start figuring out who the participants are and figuring out how many times each entered. it’s possible to enter up to 3 times: once for commenting on the original candy post and following the blog […]

Cucicucicoo turns 1! Let’s celebrate!

it feels like just yesterday but at the same time years ago that i started this blog adventure. but it was actually exactly one year ago today! happy birthday, cucicucicoo! during this year i’ve celebrated other blogs with their blog candies, so i decided to have one too and give something to three of my […]

Market madness!!

…and just in time for christmas. i know i sure haven’t managed to make all the gifts i wanted for my near and dear ones. thank goodness for markets with artisans selling their handmade goods!! soooo, this weekend i will be participating in not one, but TWO markets: SATURDAY 19 DECEMBER in NAPLES there will […]

November 8: market!

on november 8 i will participate in the ragnatela*autoproduzioni market at giardino dell’orco on lake avernus, pozzuoli (NA). this market sells organic food and other products, all of which are auto-produced, and is held every month. however this month is special, being ragnatela’s first birthday, and there will also be the presentation of the book […]


I’ve always loved crafts and bit by bit have added more crafty things to my repertoire. People don’t always get the chace to see my work, though, which is why I’ve decided to start a blog to share my journey through the stuff I do. It’s a terrible shame that crafts and do-it-yourself is not […]

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