Color-coded keys with nail polish


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Color code keys with nail polish

Do you ever get totally confused when sorting through your keys? They tend to look so similar. Mine are all funny shaped or color-coded so that I can keep them all straight. But recently my little guy bent one of my keys and I went to get another copy made, there were no keys of the right size in green, the color of the discarded key.

I knew I’d get horribly confused with any other color seeing as I’d used a green key for that particular door for years. Then I remembered a little trick that I’d seen around online (for example at Alessia Scrap & Craft): paint the key with nail polish.

Color code keys with nail polish

I already had the right color so I proceeded to give the new key three coats. It’s not perfect because the polish actually starts drying pretty quickly so by the time you get around the hole, the polish you’ve already applied on the other side starts getting sticky. I bet using glitter polish like Alessia did would make it much less noticeably, but all I care about is that I never get confused as to which key to use! (Isn’t the keychain below gorgeous? I got it in Colombia for someone but never ended up giving it, so I just kept it for myself. The pieces are made of tagua, “vegetable ivory.”)

Color code keys with nail polish

My posts for the next few weeks will probably be pretty simple projects like this one, as I am working hard on the behind-the-scenes work of the blog and new tutorials. But I have some really cool stuff to share with you when things start calming down design- and layout-wise!


  1. Uh, le reply sono in alto! Che dire, alle volte le idee più semplici sono quelle che ti risolvono la vita…
    Bello il blog, mi piace, sta venendo bello pulito e chiaro…


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