Stuffed bones for stuffed dogs


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and here i am again! i thought that i’d just have to abandon my poor blog, but that just made me so sad, so i decided to do what i can while giving the poor thing some new life. as you can see, not only the fancy new look (which i’m still trying to get just right) and having just one blog in both italian and english (instead of having a separate blog in english). whoever wants to see the old posts in english can find them here. (edit: The posts are now split up by language in the new website

seeing as i never have any time, the projects i’ve been working on are not exactly stunning, but they might give someone an idea or two, so i’m sharing them anyway. so today we have part one of “let’s expand clifford’s wardrobe until he has more things than i do”: stuffed bones.

first, using one of those markers that wash off right away with water, i drew the shape of a bone on the inside of two short sleeves left over from a polo shirt (the rest was made into a pillow, being the recycling maniac that i am). then i sewed over the line, leaving an opening. then i washed off the lines and let them dry.

when they were dry, i cut around the stitches, turned the bones right way out and plopped my daughter down with them and a bag of stuffing. when she was done filling them up, i hand stitched them closed.

and look how happy the two cliffords are! and not only them!

the next edition of clifford clothes to come soon!


  1. grazie roby e beta! mi fa tanto piacere che siete venute a trovarmi! 🙂

    thanks maya! i'm still attempting to work out the kinks of the new layout, but i'm much happier with it! 🙂 lisa


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