Collars and leashes

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and here we have part two of “let’s make tons of stuff for clifford”! (the first part were the bones) this time, again from fabric scraps, we made collars and leashes for clifford the big red dog (who, kind dog that he is, lets the other animals at our home use too).

i cut out the strips from fabric taken from some massive bags of scraps left over from other projects and i folded them with some help from the iron. it’s probably a good idea to try them on a stuffed animal or two before sewing (i didn’t and they turned out a little big).

then to close the collars you can sew some velcro on or use snaps. except that kids might have trouble with the snaps (only after the fact did i realize that my daughter can’t close them by herself).

and then the leashes. the same method, but with longer strips. i sewed a loop at one end to slip the collar into. then my daughter informed me that there needed to be a loop at the other end, too, to tie to the table (or bed or chair or…). so i decided to  add a snap so that the second loops can be open and closed around the desired chaining point.

here’s the detail of the collar inserted in the leash loop.
and now even cheetah can be tied up in style!

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7 Responses

  1. che bella questa idea! mi piace moltissimo

  2. Certo che Clifford è proprio fortunato!!! 🙂

  3. ah ah! infatti, ha anche un sacco di altre cose! 🙂

  4. bellissima idea, mi piace!

  5. che simpatici questi pupazzi al guinzaglio!

  6. e così siamo sicuri che non scappano! 😉

  7. oops, non ti ho più risposto, francesca! scusami…
    comunque, grazie!

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