The wonder of being a mamma


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i’m going through a rough spot with my daughter. she’s going through yet another very disobedient phase and is acting very strangely in general. i’m starting to lose it with the situation and to doubt my parenting capabilities, but then one of those moments comes along that just makes my heart burst with an immense love for her. and here’s one of those moments.

any parent knows how great it is when his/her child starts to develop a passion on his own for something that the parent already very much enjoys. my daughter has already loved going through my fabric collection and has mentioned how she wants to learn how to sew, too, for a while.

i have some bags full of fabric scraps left over from my projects to stuff other projects (such as this pillow) or to recycle. my little sofia often rummages around in these bags and finds “blankets,” “clothes,” and other things among these scraps to use with her toys. it reminds me that kids really don’t need any sort of fancy toys, but just whatever they can find hanging around and a bit of imagination and creativity. (she also frequently rummages through my big box of things i put aside for other projects, like bottle caps, tetrapak boxes, garlic netting, etc, and plays with what she finds there.)

i  recently sewed up a bunch of sets of nursing pads for my store, which are slightly conical in shape. when sofia found the triangles left over from making those shapes, she went all out with them for days! just look at what pretty rugs and beds she made! i feel so proud of my little girl’s mind…my heart just isn’t big enough to hold all the love i feel for her in these moments!

p.s. as you can see in one of the photos above, the bottle houses from last year are still very much in use!



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